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  • Moloch Man and the Word of God (Audiobook: Systmatic Theology)
  • Salvation and Dominion (Salvation & Godly Rule Series)
  • "What is the Biblical Response to Our Country's Large Prison population?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #58
  • The Validity of Biblical Law (Audiobook: The Institutes of Biblical Law Vol.1)
  • Worry and Fretfulness (The Sermon on the Mount Series)
  • Education (Audiobook: The American Indian)
  • Episode #8 (The Easy Chair Series)
  • Passing on the Faith & Family Bible Times
  • Chalcedon Q&A #57
  • "Isn't Math A Theologically Neutral Subject?"
  • Is Your God Dead? (Audiobook: Good Morning, Friends Vol.1)
  • God vs. Molech (The Institutes of Biblical Law Series)
  • Liberal Education (Audiobook: The Messianic Character of American Education)
  • Salvation: Pagan and Christian (Salvation and Godly Rule Series)
  • The Confession of Sins (Audiobook: The Cure of Souls)
  • The U.S. Constitution I (American History to 1865)
  • Our World Today (Audiobook: An Informed Faith)
  • Why History is Important (World History Series)
  • Millennial Perspectives (Audiobook: God's Plan For Victory)
  • The Beatitudes (The Sermon on the Mount Series)
  • The Easy Chair: Talks & Round Table Discussions (Episode 1)
  • Can We Legislate Morality? (Audiobook: Law and Liberty)
  • "Should We Be Thankful for the Constitution?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #56
  • Dominion (The Institutes of Biblical Law Series)
  • "Can You Handle the Truth?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #55
  • "Should Christians Observe Halloween?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #54
  • "Do Children Need Freedom or Structure?"
  • "Why is Kidnapping a Capital Offense?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #53
  • "Shouldn't Pastors Stay Away From Politics?" (Joe Morecraft)
  • Chalcedon Q&A #52
  • "How Do I Know If A Witness Is Credible?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #51
  • "Now I Am A Christian, Now What?"
  • "What is the State of Christianity in Africa?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #50
  • "How Should Christians Participate in the Political Process?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #49
  • "How Do I Know What Influences Shape My Ideas?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #48
  • "Is a College Education Necessary?"
  • Chalcedon Q&A #47
  • "How Does God's Law Apply in Creating a Successful Business?"
  • Book of Jonah: Lesson 6
  • Book of Jonah: Lesson 5
  • Book of Jonah: Lesson 4
  • Book of Jonah: Lesson 3
  • Book of Jonah: Lesson 2
  • Book of Jonah: Lesson 1
  • Book of Jonah: Overview
  • Book of Judges: Lesson 2
  • Why Christian Preschool, The Power of Policies, and Preschool in a Box
  • "Will Consistent Adherence to God's Law Word Marginalize Me in Society?"
  • Should I Be Ashamed of My ‘Privilege’?
  • Book of Judges: Lesson 1
  • “The Future is Here” the Importance of Early Christian Education
  • “The Future is Here” the Importance of Early Christian Education (Chalcedon Foundation Presentation)
  • "The Future is Here" the Importance of Early Christian Education (Presentation)
  • “I want my children to be in debt, be covered in tattoos, and be sexually active…”

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December 2018
Numbers (Commentary)

January 2019
Leviticus (Commentary)

February 2019
Systematic Theology in 2 Volumes
Deuteronomy (Commentary)

March 2019
God’s Plan for Victory

April 2019
Law and Liberty
Genesis (Commentary)

May 2019
Hebrews, James, and Jude (Commentary)
Exodus (Commentary)

June 2019
Chariots of Prophetic Fire
Thy Kingdom Come

July 2019
Institutes of Biblical Law Vol.1
Romans and Galatians (Commentary)

Educational Bible Quotes

Read Our Most Recent Quotes That Promote Biblical Literacy

  • The Lesson of the Unnamed Prophet
  • More Than Inspired, Educated!
  • Are You Discontent and Unthankful?
  • Is God Your Lord or Your Resource?

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Learn to Teach the Commandments

First Commandment
Thou Shalt Have No Other God’s Before Me

Fourth Commandment
Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy

Seventh Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Tenth Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Covet

Second Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Grave Image

Fifth Commandment
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

Eighth Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Steal

Third Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of the Lord Thy God in Vain

Sixth Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Kill

Ninth Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor