This week we have complied a few more Facebook Groups and some Facebook Pages that we think may be of interest to others. We have also included a couple of blog posts that we think others may like to read that they may have missed.

A Recon Wiki Group is also being formed with the purpose of helping edit specific Wiki pages to hold accurate information on various subjects. If you think you can help with this, check it out!

This week has been a rather calm and quite week in the world of Christian Reconstruction. We hope you enjoy these links and we look forward to bringing you more content next week!

Check out these links, join some groups, share your thoughts, and let’s keep building our community!

If you know of any Facebook Groups or Pages we have missed, feel free to message us on Facebook HERE, or send us an email:

Blog Posts:

Christian Dominion: What is it? (Christian Reconstruction 101)

The TWO Magic Words that Destroyed Christianity (Christian Reconstruction 101)

FB Groups:

Christian Reconstruction

Dominion Link: A Job and Business Networking Site for Theonomists

Modern Reformation Society

Theonomy Applied – Christian, Reformed, Protestant Discussion

Reformed Theonomists

Reformed Christian Theology

FB Pages:

Foundations of Reconstruction (Website)

FB Groups with Purpose:

Recon Wiki Team

*The Recon Resource Network seeks to search out content and links of interest and those that are edifying to the Christian Community. If any links, groups, websites, or blogs links found in these updates, or on the Recon Resource Network website do not reflect sound doctrine and Biblical truth, please inform us and the links will be removed. God bless.

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