Join Martin Selbrede Vice President of the Chalcedon Foundation as he gives answers to various important questions.

Chalcedon Q&A #51

Martin Selbrede

00:00:20 – Buddy Hanson memorial
00:08:33 – Were animals carnivorous prior to the fall? Does the death mentioned in Genesis referring only to man and not animals?
00:15:45 – Are Adam and Eve among the elect in heaven?
00:19:08 – Question about a Christian response to paying property tax.
00:22:06 – Food waste. What should we do with restaurant food that wasn’t served yet isn’t spoiled?
00:27:00 – Is there a Biblical basis for the statute of limitations? (#MeToo Movement)
00:35:05 – Rushdoony’s concept of theocracy in relation to humanistic theocracy from his book “Sovereignty.”
00:39:08 – Personal question regarding leaving an amillennial church resistant to Christian Reconstruction.
00:44:05 – Discussion of overpopulation and environmentalism.
00:49:50 – What’s the difference between historic and preterist postmillennialism?
00:52:30 – Do you agree that today’s standards of accusation are not Biblical?