Join Martin Selbrede Vice President of the Chalcedon Foundation as he gives answers to various important questions.

Chalcedon Q&A #55

Martin Selbrede

00:01:06 – God’s laws to Israel regarding not harming trees during battle.

00:05:40 – Warfield’s position on Biblical infallibility and inerrancy.

00:13:11 – How can a Christian serve in the military or police and not enforce humanistic laws?

00:19:23 – The dialectical separation of faith and history.

00:23:08 – Should all Christians pursue self-employment?

00:32:00 – The effect of Pharoah’s decree on Hebrew male births.

00:34:12 – How does creation groan?

00:38:20 – What’s the best book by Rushdoony to introduce a non-believer to Christian Reconstruction?

00:42:34 – Rushdoony on secession and civil disobedience.

00:46:32 – Books and articles from the church fathers on postmillennialism.

00:51:51 – Saving those who are being dragged away.

00:55:10 – In a Christian theocracy, are church and state one?