Join Martin Selbrede Vice President of the Chalcedon Foundation as he gives answers to various important questions.

Chalcedon Q&A #56

Martin Selbrede

00:01:00 – A real world example of Proverbs 24:4-5.

00:05:50 – A discussion of Ephesians 3:1-10. Are these postmillennial passages?

00:11:13 – An explanation of Rushdoony’s meaning of the organic and legalistic state in his book, “Thy Kingdom Come.”

00:21:00 – The difference between exhorting and demeaning a fellow Christian.

00:25:21 – Evolutionary creationism?

00:38:44 – How has the tithe changed in the New Testament?

00:43:00 – Are legalism and antinomianism two sides of the same coin of avoiding God’s law?

00:48:13 – Can a Christian regard a leader tyrannical who disregards Christ and His law?

00:51:08 – Is it significant that the disciples celebrated the Passover with Jesus and not their families?

00:53:00 – Recommended books for a new reconstructionist.