Join Martin Selbrede Vice President of the Chalcedon Foundation as he gives answers to various important questions.

Chalcedon Q&A #57

Martin Selbrede

00:00:46 – Rushdoony on the covenant of works.

00:10:36 – How do we handle doing business with someone who has committed a capital offense in Biblical terms but was not properly punished by the state?

00:20:55 – Joel McDurmon’s capital punishment theses.

00:22:47 – Can we derive authoritative behavioral direction from Biblical narrative?

00:29:31 – If all our sin is cast into the sea of forgetfulness, how then are they used at the final judgment?

00:30:33 – How do we keep people involved politically after an election?

00:39:18 – Are their dangers to overemphasizing health?

00:49:25 – Is their a theology (or resources) for the euthanization of animals?

00:57:27 – Comments on Protestants moving to Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.