People love to talk about the love of God, but rarely if ever do they want to talk about the irritation, anger, and viciousness of God. To properly love God, we have to properly know Him. We can not love some things about God and dislike others.

In this passage we should learn the following:
1. God is angered when people complain about His provision of them.
2. God in His irritation may give people exactly what they are asking for, but it is not a blessing to them, it was for their harm.

God is a jealous God and a consuming fire this is true, and He is also full of mercy, great in patience, and very long-suffering toward men.

The Bible teaches us who God is and how we can expect God to react to us depending on how we react to Him.

So, ask yourself today: Have I thanked God for my circumstances today and for all the things He has given to me, or am I discontent and indignant?

The foolish are unthankful and discontented with their life and they find fault with God. Don’t be foolish as the Israelites were that anger God, if He did not spare them, He will likewise not spare you.

#KnowYourFaith #ApplyYourFaith