You may have read about some of the miracles in the Bible, but have you read about the 50+ mile wide and 3 feet deep provision of quail that God gave in the wilderness? (One day’s journey on all sides of the camp and two cubits deep.)

You read that correctly, imagine a flock of birds being blown in that exceeds 50 miles and 3 feet deep!

This miracle of provision dwarfs pulling water from a rock, a regenerating container of flour and oil, or ravens bringing a prophet food to eat in the wilderness.

So, why have not more people talked about this miracle of provision by God?

You’ve got to admit, God is just showing off, and He was!

Just seconds before, Moses questioned where all the meat was going to come from that these millions of Israelites were going to eat and God asked him the question, “Is the Lord’s hand waxed short?”

God wanted to make it clear that if God says something is going to happen, He will make it happen.

This amazing miracle of 50+ miles worth of quail had to be a stunning sight to behold. Who could ever doubt the Lord’s Word or provision ever again? But, they did.

The main reason this miracle is ignored, bypassed, or altered is that it is a record of not only God’s provision but also of His anger and wrath.

The very same quail that God was providing carried a plague into the came upon the people, and God killed many of the people.

People love to hear about God’s ability to provide for man’s needs, but they do not like to hear about God’s expectation of obedience and thankfulness from man.

People want a God that is a resource to them to be called on when needed to provide what they want when they need it. People want a subservient genie in a bottle, they do not want a demanding God that can be angered and punish them.

To worship and love God we have to know Him and love Him for who He is.

People are uncomfortable with these Biblical stories because it does not fit with their ideas of God.

This should cause us to ask ourselves a question, “Do I love the God of the Bible, or do I love my own ideas of what and who I think God should be?”

To be truly blessed by God we have to love the only true God there is, the God declared in the Bible.