The world is full of “Inspirational Bible Quotes” and “Biblical Memory Verses.” The problem is that they are geared toward making people feel good or inspired, but are not geared toward educating people.

So, we are going to start a series: Education Bible Quotes (Quotes That Promote Biblical Literacy)
These verses and passages are purposefully chosen because they are typically neglected or considered to be embarrassing.

These quotes are designed to be educational. This means that the reader needs to not only read the quotes but also should look up the passages and read the context in full. The entire Bible is teaching us something, either about God or about ourselves. It is our job to read, learn, understand, and make application to our lives.

If we find ourselves ashamed of the Word of God, or find that we are embarrassed by what is written therein, the problem is with us and reveals that we need to do some self-evaluation concerning our faith.
Here is our first Educational Bible Quote…