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Please send us an email to help us add new content and links to all the areas of this website. Look at the various section below for guidelines for submitting content to this site. When you are ready, email us the content to the email address below.

If there are any questions, we will contact you via email for more information.


Email all submission to:

So, you want to submit content?  Wonderful! Here is what we will need.

Submitting Church Content:

1. Name of Church
2. Address of Church
3. Phone Number (optional)
4. Email Address (optional)
5. Service Times (Optional)
6. Pastor’s Name (Optional)
7. Website link (Optional)

Submitting FB Groups:

1. Choose a Category your FB group fits into or suggest a new category.
2. URL link to group.

Submitting a podcast:

1. Image/Logo of Podcast
2. Podcast Description
3. Website link (Optional)
4. Url links to subscribe to podcast via: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Youtube, RSS Feed (Any that are applicable)

Submitting Organizations:

1. Image/Logo
2. Name of organization
3. Description, scope, or purpose of organization
4. Website link

Submitting Event & Conference Info:

1. Image/Logo
2. Name of Event
3. Description/Purpose of Event/Conference
4. Date(s)/Time(s) of Event/Conference
5. Is the Event Reoccurring Weekly, Monthly? (Only as applies)
6. Address of Event/Conference
7. Speakers/Hosts of Event/Conference
8. Website link (Optional)
9. Ticket Link: (Optional)
10. Contact Person(s) (Optional)
11. Email (Optional)
12. Phone Number (Optional)

Submitting Youtube Content:

1. Url link to specific stand-alone video
2. Url link to Youtube Channel to be subscribed to
(Whichever is the case)

Submitting Website/Blogs:

1. Url to website/blog
2. Determine which category the url best fits in
(websites have overall permanent content. Blogs are typically person sites that are updated often.)

Submitting Educational Institutions & Resources:

1. Image/logo
2. Name of Institution or Resource
3. Description of Institution or Resource
4. Url Link

Submitting Business/Services:

1. Image/Logo
2. Name of Business/Service
3. Description of business/service
4. Website link
5. Contact Person
6. Email
7. FB link (Optional)
8. Phone Number (Optional)
9. Address (Optional)

Submitting Apprentice/Intern Content:

1. Image/Logo
2. Name of Apprenticeship/Internship
3. Description of Apprenticeship/Internship
4. Website link

Submitting Volunteer Opportunities Content:

1. Image/Logo
2. Name of Person/Organization seeking volunteers
3. Description of volunteers opportunity sought
4. Website link (Optional)
5. Contact person
6. Email
7. Phone Number (Optional)

Submitting Missionary/Charity Content:

1. Image/Logo
2. Name of Missionary/Charity
3. Description of Missionary/Charity in need of support
4. Contact person
5. Email
Phone Number (Optional)

Submitting Sermon/Lecture & Debate Content:

1. Image/Logo
2. Name of Person giving sermon/lecture
3. Name of persons participating in Debate (Optional)
4. Description of person/persons
5. Website link

Submitting Homeschool Resources:

For Resources on more than one area of education:
1. Target age group of content
2. Website Link

For Resources on a specific area:
1. Area of Relevance
(Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science,etc.)
2. Target age group of content
3. Website Link

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